The Lake County Commission will continue to consider the budget for fiscal year 2021 at Tuesday's meeting. The regular meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the commission meeting room of the Lake County Courthouse.

In addition to conducting routine business, the commission will hold a supplemental budget hearing at 9:10 a.m. to consider supplementing the 24/7 budget for 2020 in the amount of $46,330 for equipment and a remodel project.

The commission will also consider an automatic budget supplement for the sheriff's office, approve an agreement with the state Office of Emergency Management for FEMA funding related to the September 2019 flood, and consider requests from County Highway Superintendent Nels Nelson regarding gravel crushing, a utility occupancy application from Sioux Valley Energy and a surplus property sale.

Shelli Gust, commission administrative officer, will present a personnel issue and Auditor Bobbi Janke will speak with commissioners about CARES Act reimbursement.

The budget discussion will include wage and benefit recommendations and a review of revenue and means of finance.

Discussion items include the proposed county road and bridge committee and recognition of Katlyn Walburg, SDACC scholarship recipient.