The Madison City Commission heard the second reading on Monday of an amendment to a municipal ordinance related to the regulation of body-piercing and tattoo establishments.

The city commissioners later approved the amendment that changed language related to the annual inspections.

The inspection requirements were outlined and are updated in Section 10-303 in Chapter 10 of Madison’s ordinances related to the licenses and permits for certain businesses.

The old language stated the previous requirement of an annual inspection conducted by the Madison Police Department.

The new language states that, “A body piercing and/or tattoo establishment must be inspected at least annually by the City Police Department or its designee to determine compliance with this chapter” and “The fee for the annual inspection shall be $200.00.”

The previous language in the ordinance did not mention a police department designee to perform inspections or an inspection fee.

Police Chief Justin Meyer attended the city meeting through distance conferencing and told the commissioners that the police department did not have a certified inspector for body-piercing and/or tattoo businesses. Meyer said the city would need, at present time, to rely on state inspectors to perform the inspection work.