The Madison City Commission approved on Tuesday an application filled out by Madison Parks Department personnel that will ask for $7,500 to help the city control the local mosquito population this summer.

Mike McGillivray, city parks supervisor, planned to submit the grant application to the South Dakota Department of Health’s West Nile virus prevention program.

The municipal parks department has applied for state mosquito control grants for many years. In spring 2007, the city received a state grant of $3,490. During summer 2019, the state health department provided up to $3,888 for Madison to perform mosquito-control efforts. During that same year, the S.D. Department of Health had a pool of $500,000 in grant money available for communities across the state to apply for and use.

In 2019, McGillivray said his department planned to use the money to help pay for larvicide and chemical insecticide to help control adult mosquitoes. The larvicide is applied to still pools of water to kill insects while they are in their larval stage of growth. McGillivray had said city workers treat every storm drain in Madison with larvicide during the summer months.

Also during 2019, McGillivray also reported city workers would set up four mosquito traps in Madison. City employees will check the traps daily to help identify any large increases in mosquito populations. McGillivray said the traps would help the city parks department understand when to apply additional pesticide in city neighborhoods.